Our company was founded some 30 years ago by Andrew Hay, a young adviser determined to change the world of financial advice for the better.

Helping Kiwis

Helping Kiwis make good decisions has always been the focus and we’ve since grown to be one of the country’s largest independent New Zealand-owned financial service providers.

In a great place

For several decades, we’ve helped Kiwis get in a great place, health-wise, wealth-wise and family-wise. Your values and goals inform our approach and help us achieve the results you’re looking for.

In a great place is knowing your family is financially secure, no matter what

In a great place is knowing you can have a home loan and still enjoy the lifestyle you want

In a great place is knowing your business is set up for success

In a great place is knowing you’ve got your retirement planning sorted

Why use a financial adviser?

As advisers, we get specific, selecting and tailoring products for your personal circumstances. You can buy a lot of things online these days, but the internet can’t listen to your unique situation or guarantee impartial advice.

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