Women’s income is often critical to a household

Whether you’re earning more than your spouse or not, or you don’t have a spouse, your income is likely to be critical to providing basic needs to your family, whether that be kids, spouse, aging parents, or another family member.

Stay-at-home Mums need protection too

Don’t underestimate the value you offer as a stay-at-home Mum. Life insurance would provide the necessary funds when a spouse or other caregiver has to find help to care for the kids, look after the household, or needs to take time off to care for them.

Women often pay less for insurance

Because women have a longer life expectancy than men, the cost of life insurance is often reduced or you may get more coverage for the same amount. Life insurance also costs less for younger women, by spreading the total term cost over a longer period.

Once you’ve got insurance in place, it’s important to review it with each major life change (including change in salary, a divorce, closing of a business, additional dependents) to ensure you’ve got the right policy for your situation. If you’re not sure, contact us to speak to an advisor for a quick chat.