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Why clients love working with our team.

“Apex Advice and Kym, made a big difference in how my home loan is set up. My bank was offering a fixed loan interest rate for my mortgage and with the assistance from Kym, who negotiated with my bank, my interest rate was reduced to a manageable amount that fitted into my budget. Thanks Kym and Apex!”.

Janine C,
June 2023

“The fixed term on my mortgage was about to expire and I needed to make a decision on the way forward. There was a lot of uncertainty with what was happening in the market, especially with regards to interest rates, so I spoke to Kym and she took me through the Loan Smart process. She provided me with a few options and some vital information to assist me with me decision. I’m so happy with the advice I received! I am glad that I spoke to Kym because I very nearly made the wrong decision which would have had some expensive consequences”.

Russell P,
June 2023