Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you contacting me?

We are contacting you to introduce ourselves and hope to build a new long-lasting relationship with you. Your previous adviser has either joined Apex or had a change in their career and are not providing advice anymore.

What is a servicing relationship?

A servicing relationship with an adviser means you get ongoing support and advice about your insurance, home loan, investment, or KiwiSaver fund. We’ll stay in touch to make sure your financial plans stay up to date and make adjustments as your life changes.

Why is it important to work with a financial adviser?

Financial advisers provide personalised information to help you make better decisions. Advisers can create a plan tailored to your goals and provide ongoing support as your situation changes. Overall, working with an adviser can give you peace of mind and help you feel more confident about your financial future.

Can I go to my provider directly?

There are certain administrative tasks that you can do with your provider directly. However, many providers can’t provide financial advice. If you contact them and you require financial advice (for example, if you want to increase or decrease your insurance cover, or if you want to review your home loan or KiwiSaver) they are likely to direct you to a financial adviser.

Can I choose to work with another adviser?

Of course! It is your decision who you work with. We are hoping that you will be open to working with us and seeing how we can add value. However, if you decide not to work with us you can let us know and we won’t contact you anymore. We strongly recommend that you work with an adviser, even if it’s not us, to always make sure you have the right financial plans in place to protect what’s important to you.

Do you charge any fees?

No, we don’t charge fees for our insurance, home loan or KiwiSaver advice. We are paid by the provider directly as we are providing advice as a service to you. Some investment and retirement planning advice might incur fees and they are discussed with clients before proceeding.

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