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Why clients love working with our team.

“Last month I decided to review my policies with AIA and called Apex for the same. Alex from Apex group got in touch with me to check my requirements and promptly arranged a phone appointment with Ekta. Alex was very good in all his communications with me. I must say I was very lucky to get Ekta as my adviser.

She is extremely smart & very well versed in her field. She answered all my questions in detail and gave me very good advice. She said I can call her again any time if I needed any further clarification and I must say she always answered my calls and spoke at length till my query was cleared. Just knowing that someone on the other side of the phone is genuinely trying to help you and patiently listens to all your questions is very refreshing and rare these days. I have had bad experiences with very poor customer service over the phone with other companies where firstly to get through to them it takes ages and finally when you get through all they want to do is put down the phone in a hurry leaving you totally dissatisfied with the whole experience.

Today I tried to get in touch with AIA on their 0800 number but could not get through even after holding on for more than an hour. Again Ekta came to my rescue and without any hesitation she promptly got my job done with AIA. I cannot thank Ekta enough for all her hard work and willingness to help and wish her all the very best for the future.”.

August 2023